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You asked for it, here goes!

My husband travels all over the country because of his job. Last 
spring, he called me from California and mentioned this wonderful 
goodness that Kelli used during a face massage to clear his sinuses. 
He brought home some Cosmic Celtic Cure and it sat unused on the desk 
until last night.

While sitting at the computer last night, the carpal tunnel in my 
right wrist flared up. In the process of looking for the wrist brace, 
the container of CCC caught my husband's eye. One coated, wrapped 
wrist and a good night's sleep later, I no longer have a hand on fire. 
This morning, my husband dusted off his ultrasonic massager, coated my 
hand in CCC instead of ultrasound gel and spent twenty minutes 
massaging my thumb and wrist. A pure miracle worker in a small jar!!

I've already recommended it to a fibromyalgia sufferer as well, in the 
hopes that she'll enjoy the same relief I feel when I coat my hands in 
the wonderfulness that is this product.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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