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My name is Andrew and I am a tattoo artist at Charlieís House of Tattoos in Camarillo, Ca. I was turned on to Kelliís product (Cosmic Celtic Cure) recently and was sent a sample from her. I tried her product out on several clients an am very pleased and impressed with the results. You know those "problem customers" the ones that swell up like a blowfish or the ones that bleed like a split pig, yeah my favorite too. Anyway usually I use A+D ointment while I tattoo and recommend it as an after care. Not anymore, like I said I tried Kelliís product out and at first I couldnít believe it but Cosmic Celtic Cure greatly reduced swelling and bleeding plus my clients didnít complain about the after burn of a tattoo and also the product cut healing time in half. I kid you not. Unbelievable! With A+D ointment you know how that stuff kind of melts and runs down the skin Kelliís product doesnít do that also the applications are way less with A+D ointment its and all day affair and Cosmic Celtic Cure my client reported only having to apply the product twice throughout the whole day. Anyway if you are skeptical or unsure feel free to contact me at 805-717-0827, and I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.


Charlies House of Tattoos

Camarillo, CA