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                                                                                                            January 5th, 2008


To: Cosmic Critter Care



    I was just wanted to write and tell you a little about the Cosmic Critter Care that we received from you.  After being in the animal field for over 17 years as a Police K9 Trainer, Animal Control Officer, United States Marine and Law Enforcement Officer,  Cosmic Critter Care is by far the BEST thing that I have found for both my handlers and my dogs.  We have used it on injuries on our dogs and they have just VANISHED!!!  Things like fly strike, hotspots, bites, dry areas on the skin, injured pads on the dogs and everything.  It is phenomenal.  I have not found anything like it on the market that can even come close the quality of what you provide.  Most of our handlers in our line of work come in contact with a dog bite or two and every time we use your Cosmic Critter Care and in a couple of days, nothing.  We have seen scars from the past that have just disappeared.  With the other so called HEALING ointments that are on the market today, nothing can compare.  I personally have used it on my police and detection dogs for cysts and kennel sores…WAMMO all gone!  I have also provide jars to the United States Marine Corps Military Working Dog Program for deployment over seas and the results that they are getting are outstanding.


Thank you so much for helping keep our dog teams up and running.  Without the rapid healing effects of Cosmic Critter Care there would be a lot of dog teams around the world right now that would be out of service healing, but instead Cosmic Critter Care gets them back to work.  Your assistance in helping with that is greatly appreciated.  Cosmic Critter Care is wonderful and is the only ointment that So-Cal K9 Detection will use from now on. 


I wish you the best of luck in your company and all ways call on us if you need anything.  You will see us soon as we use a lot of it here at our kennel as well as with our dog teams over seas 

 Heath W Farthing

President / CEO

So-Cal K9 Detection Services




Thank you so much for the Cosmic Critter Cure.  Its been working wonderfully on the hot spots.  There isn't much that stops the chewing, but after one application, the dogs are leaving them alone.  One of my girls gets dry bumps on her ears and with the Critter Cure, they heal up quickly and the hair grows back fast. 

Thanks again for a great product.

Jamie Dixon


Dedicated To Dogs


Dear Kelli,

Thank you so much for the Cosmic Critter Cure, We met at Carlsbad animal hospital, and you offered me a free sample. It is a wonderful product and has stopped my dogs “Hotspots” faster and better than any other product I have used before. It cleared them up and the hair started to grow back right away! I have many products on my shelve but since receiving the Cosmic cure it is the only one we use.

Thank you again and Molly and Pepper thank you too!

 Sandi Roe

 Member of “Love on a leash”


Cosmic Critter Cure has been a great find!  After many different types of applications, Cosmic Critter Cure broke down the two calcium deposits on my dogs inner thigh. It also closed four puncture holes he got from another dog.  This is a wonderful product that has endless uses.  Thank you for a great product and would recommend it to all pet users..


Chris Tate



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