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On November 12th, 2007, I went down to go running at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad. I was going to collect a few rocks for my fourth grade class first so I hopped up on the south jetty and was jumping from rock to rock to get to the other side. Near the top, I tripped and fell. I felt my 6’2” frame falling headfirst and I basically face planted into a nice big boulder. I was bleeding badly and called my wife while others on the beach wanted to call 9-1-1.

After x-rays, a CT-scan and five hours in the ER, I was heading home with 21 stitches in my face, a black eye and a huge cheek abrasion. And that was just my face. I also had a dislocated finger and abrasions on almost every joint—knees, elbows, ankles, shoulder. After my wife put me to bed that night, snuggled up next to my Vicadin, she went and got The Cosmic Celtic Cure (CCC). When she came back, my facial wounds were throbbing. She put the CCC on my face and it stung slightly, but then took away the throbbing so I could sleep.

The next day (11/13/07), we took a picture of the damage to my face and applied more CCC. I went to work even though I looked like I had missed Halloween by a couple of weeks. My principal thought I’d been mugged and my fourth grades gasped when they saw me. I used CCC throughout the day. It was very soothing. But I think the biggest effect of the CCC was how rapidly I healed.

 At first, I felt like hanging a sign around my neck explaining what happened. Complete strangers would ask me what happened. In one week hardly anyone noticed any more. One friend who’d heard what happened saw me a week later and didn’t remember when he saw me because my healing was that much better. We took a picture again a week later (11/20/07) and were amazed at the difference. I would recommend the Cosmic Celtic Cure to anyone. It is amazing.

John Hinman

Before and after pictures

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