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Hi there

I am amazed at the wonderful healing powers of Cosmic Celtic Cure.  I have used it with excellent effect on scars.  I had a second surgery to replace my pace maker.  The surgeon went through the old scar.  I was convinced I would have a horrid keloid, since I scar so easy.   With Cosmic Celtic cream it healed quickly.  And the skin around it did well also.  I usually have bad rashes from the surgical tape that last for weeks. No rashes this time using the cream and it smells delightful.

My kids have benefited from the cream as well.  One of my daughters has an incredible tendency to burn herself while trying to cook.  She now goes right for the cream and the problem is gone the next day!!!  She even likes to put it on over a sun burn.  Being a red head she tends to have very sensitive skin.

Eva Runnman LaMar MD

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