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To Whom it May Concern:
A few months ago, my then 18 month old son was experiencing an uncomfortable 

rash on his buttocks, inner thighs and underarms.  Doctors took guesses about 
what was causing the itchy bumps and prescribed topical and oral antihistamines, 
but nothing really brought him much relief.  We didn't like putting so many 
drugs into his developing system either.  
When a coworker heard about the situation, we were given some of the Cosmic Celtic 

Cure ointment and gave it a try.  It is lovely!  The light to the touch and non-oily 
consistency makes it very easy to rub in with little to no mess.  My son found 
it the smell of lavender to be very soothing and seemed to enjoy our massages 
using the ointment.  Even if he rubbed his little fingers where I had just 
applied the mixture, I wasn't that worried because I know all of the ingredients 
are natural... a big relief after having to practically restrain him after 
applying the prescribed medical treatments.  
We continue to use the Cosmic Celtic Cure ointment on my now 21 month old son's rashes 
and diaper area chaffing.  He seems to like it and I like that its all natural!
Amy Jordan
(Connor's mama) 
Carlsbad, CA 
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